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Fateh sagar lake in udaipur

Fateh Sagar lake is one of most beautiful lakes of udaipur in rajasthan. This is almost near to the city. Udaipur:
There are many lakes in udaipur so this is known as lake city of Rajasthan. I like this city because of its natural beauty. It has many lakes and stunning landscapes which gives a joy to adore.

Red Fort In New Delhi

Red Fort is one of the fort made by mughal emperors. It was being made in seventeenth century. It was the place from where king of whole ancient India lived and ruled the whole country. 

History :

It was built by Shah Jahan in around 1639 AD when capital was shifted from Agra to Delhi. This was built with Red stones so its called Red fort. This Fort have Importance as its located in Capital of India and it was used by Mughal's for ruling the country.

About This : 

At present every year on Republic day and independence day Indian national flag is hoisted at Red fort , New delhi. President and Prime minister also joins the celebration So it has importance all over India.

My Experiences : 

When i entered Red fort i was amazed at its unique construction. It has beautiful architecture which is made in Mughal culture. Its art is a bit similar to forts in Rajashthan which has glazed dome at top of the building or a place which gives it a Mughal architecture look similar to amber fort and so…

One day in New Delhi

New delhi is Capital of India and it's union territory of India. As the name of this city 'Delhi' means 'Dil wale' (Big Heart), the peoples of Delhi are same as the name of city. 

The city is over crowded and full of traffic. I found crowd of  peoples everywhere in the city. This is one of metro cities of India. This city adopted industrialisation at its peak.

I reached there in early morning at 5 A.M. I reached there too early so i stayed at railway platform sarai rohilla railway platform in delhi. I had to wait till 6, as that would be fine to proceed visiting city. When i sat on platform as i had to paas an hour, a school boy was sitting next to me. He told me that he is in 12th standard and he was waiting for his train. He told me that his Exam paper, which he already attempted was leaked so he was sad with that. Then i asked him about places near to railway station. He suggested me some good places and how to reach there so I am thankful of him.

After waiting…

Places to visit in jaipur

Jaipur is capital of rajasthan. this is also known as pink city. this is called so because the colour of buildings was in geruva (a light brown colour) by sawai man singh. this is a beautiful city which have many destinations to visit. Most of these places are related to history and also represents unique architecture. Rajasthan is full of historical view as well as forts and different kind of cultural festivals. Jaipur city is surrounded by walls around the city which are known as "parkota", which were used in ancient times to protect from enemies.

Condition of Indian Railways

Indian Railways 

Indian railways is one of world's biggest railway networks which occupies in almost all parts of India. Indian railway is biggest source of income for Indian Government. 
Condition of Railways: 
If i have to describe indian railways then i will say 'its like two faces of a coin'. Like a coin have two sides it also has two faces of this. One is bright side and another one is dark side.

A visit to Chandigarh At Rock Garden

Chandigarh is a city which comes in union territory of India. This is one of the clean city that's why this is among smart city of India. This city is in between two states of India i.e. Punjab and haryana so this is also capital of both Punjab and Haryana. 

I like the culture of this city. There are many places to visit to feel about culture and lifestyle of this city.