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Red Fort In New Delhi

Red Fort is one of the fort made by mughal emperors. It was being made in seventeenth century. It was the place from where king of whole ancient India lived and ruled the whole country. 

History :
It was built by Shah Jahan in around 1639 AD when capital was shifted from Agra to Delhi. This was built with Red stones so its called Red fort. This Fort have Importance as its located in Capital of India and it was used by Mughal's for ruling the country.

About This : 

At present every year on Republic day and independence day Indian national flag is hoisted at Red fort , New delhi. President and Prime minister also joins the celebration So it has importance all over India.

My Experiences : 

When i entered Red fort i was amazed at its unique construction. It has beautiful architecture which is made in Mughal culture. Its art is a bit similar to forts in Rajashthan which has glazed dome at top of the building or a place which gives it a Mughal architecture look similar to amber fort and so…

Fateh Sagar Lake Udaipur

Fateh Sagar lake is one of most beautiful lakes of udaipur in rajasthan. This is almost near to the city. 

Udaipur :

                There are many lakes in udaipur so this is known as lake city of Rajasthan. I like this city because of its natural beauty. It has many lakes and stunning landscapes which gives a joy to adore.

Fateh Sagar Lake, Udaipur

Some other popular lakes of udaipur are Pichola lake, Dudh talai (Milk lake) and many more. Next time whenever you plan to visit udaipur, make sure to go Fateh sagar lake.

There is a island in this lake with a hotel which was a palace in early period but for now It turned into a five/seven star hotel. It all became commerciallized. If you have enough money or if you are extravagant then you can surely visit that hotel. that can be a nice experience otherwise feel it from far.

Although you can feel many more by walking on the footpath alongside lake. This lake is deep enough so make sure about safety too.

This lake supplies water to city as well accordingly. In front of this lake there is a series of mountains or rocks which were cut to make a route which gives you a feeling of natural beauty.


This lake was built by Maharana Fateh singh of Udaipur, in 1680's. This is an artificial lake in udaipur. This is near to lake pichola. A palace is built in centre of this lake which was being used by Royal emperors and Maharana's to spend some time near landscapes except City palace.


This is a lake so you can go along the shore of this lake and enjoy the natural beauty. Although you can also experience a camel ride, horse ride or even boating. so all is set here. just pick up your backpack and visit this beautiful lake.

When i reached there i also found a horse cart so you can also experience that. If you want to keep in touch with lake water then no problem you can feel its water. Really? Yeah! of course.
You can feel it by Boating. There are high speed electric boats also available but keep your safety on your own. As i heard about some incidents there while boating so make sure about your safety essentials like life jacket and all that before having a ride.


Any Time. No tickets. (Except boating)

How to reach:

You can reach udaipur by train , bus or airoplane whatever preferable and affordable for you. I travelled by train as i like to travel in Railways as its fast and good for my pocket too.

At Fateh sagar lake

From city railway station i found a regular route auto which charged me 20 rupees. Though personal auto or taxi both are easily available too, to reach at this lake if you don't have much time.

Best time to go:

You can visit this lake anytime or any season whenever you can. It will be great to be there in evening or morning.

I went there in afternoon as it was suitable for me at this time. At this time , Crowd was almost very less so it was good for me to feel this natural place.


I have made a video of this lake which i think you will definitely like. You can watch this below

If have any doubts or any suggestions, feel free to comment below.

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