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Red Fort In New Delhi

Red Fort is one of the fort made by mughal emperors. It was being made in seventeenth century. It was the place from where king of whole ancient India lived and ruled the whole country. 

History :
It was built by Shah Jahan in around 1639 AD when capital was shifted from Agra to Delhi. This was built with Red stones so its called Red fort. This Fort have Importance as its located in Capital of India and it was used by Mughal's for ruling the country.

About This : 

At present every year on Republic day and independence day Indian national flag is hoisted at Red fort , New delhi. President and Prime minister also joins the celebration So it has importance all over India.

My Experiences : 

When i entered Red fort i was amazed at its unique construction. It has beautiful architecture which is made in Mughal culture. Its art is a bit similar to forts in Rajashthan which has glazed dome at top of the building or a place which gives it a Mughal architecture look similar to amber fort and so…

Gulab Bagh In Udaipur

Gulab Bagh (Rose garden) is a garden in Udaipur, The city of Lakes in Rajasthan. This is a Garden which covers large area of land and its a beautiful and peaceful place which you can visit anytime. 

History :

Gulab bagh was built by Maharaja Sajjan singh in 1881 so it is also known as Sajjan Niwas Garden. It is expanded in over 100 acre of land area. Later Maharana Fateh singh organised a Flower and Vegetable shows here in this garden.

Further on A Museum was made inside this garden (Victoria Museum), which was first museum of Rajasthan but it was then shifted to City palace.

About Garden :

This is a garden with different kind of trees and flowers. There are many trees in this garden like Arjun trees, mango trees,  guava , banana and many other.

In this garden there is a wide variety of Roses that's why its called rose garden. In this garden Red and White rose are common.

Attractions :

  • Toy Train : Toy train rail was made in this garden.

  • Rose Garden : This garden is mainly known because of variety of Rose's. Mostly white and red rose are grown here. Though there is some other flowers also grown.

  • Victoria Museum : This is a museum which was built by a former ruler of Udaipur. But now in present it is shifted to city palace museum. so now its just a building. 

My Experiences :

As it was a Sunday when i visited so it was a bit crowded. It was a peaceful morning to spend time in this garden. Birds were chirping and blowing air makes it much pleasing. Its a nice feeling to keep in touch with this natural beauty. 

There were many Black Plum (Jamun) trees so some kids were throwing pebbles to get some jamun's. But i didn't like this as it may harm anyone visiting garden. but, who cares.
After all it was a nice visit. I am impressed with care taking and maintenance of such large garden as it is not easy to keep up maintenance.

How to reach : 
Distance from udaipur railway station is about 1 km so its easy to reach.
After entrance gate go straight and then turn left to see rose garden and museum.

Time Taken : 
It will take around 1-2 hour as it is a wide spreaded garden so it totally depends upto time you have.


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