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Red Fort In New Delhi

Red Fort is one of the fort made by mughal emperors. It was being made in seventeenth century. It was the place from where king of whole ancient India lived and ruled the whole country. 

History :
It was built by Shah Jahan in around 1639 AD when capital was shifted from Agra to Delhi. This was built with Red stones so its called Red fort. This Fort have Importance as its located in Capital of India and it was used by Mughal's for ruling the country.

About This : 

At present every year on Republic day and independence day Indian national flag is hoisted at Red fort , New delhi. President and Prime minister also joins the celebration So it has importance all over India.

My Experiences : 

When i entered Red fort i was amazed at its unique construction. It has beautiful architecture which is made in Mughal culture. Its art is a bit similar to forts in Rajashthan which has glazed dome at top of the building or a place which gives it a Mughal architecture look similar to amber fort and so…

Don't Visit This City

This is city is not good. It's more than that. Yes! I am talking about Udaipur, which is also called Lake city. As there are many lakes in this city which you will definitely love. Most of the lakes have landscapes nearby which makes it magnificent. You will definitely adore by visiting this place.

If this city is too good then why i am saying not to visit. Wait! I have a reason behind this.
I went to this city few days back and loved the many things, like peoples i met, places i have visited, and finally those stunning landscapes which may change anything then You will never like to go back to home. that's why i am saying don't visit this city.

The best things i like here in udaipur is a lake called Fateh sagar lake and a palace( A Museum) called City palace museum. This are wonderful places. Even in one or two days are enough but it will be great if we atleast spend 3 days. one or two days are like being in a hurry, to know more about any place we have to spend some time there to know about culture, history and many things which are not possible.

A fish aquarium in front of this lake is also a good place, where i saw some beautiful fish and aquatic creatures. for all that you have to take a ticket and you see transparent boxes with colorful fishes. After it, its time for breakfast. There is a fine restaurant which serves delicious food and snacks which may give extra energy in summer time.

You can know more about this lake - Fateh sagar lake

This lake has a Bluish color, specially in evening around 4-5 which is calm and gives some good vibes. Boat ride is also available in this lake, where they have electric speed boats which takes you near to this blue lake. Many street food is also available there, but i didn't tried any. I just baught a water bottle.

After a few steps it comes a statue of a legend, "Maharana Pratap" who was a brave warrior and ruler of this region , can not be forgottable. Udaipur is a city with maximum reserved forests, thats why its beautiful. One reserved area is near to this lake too which is in front of this lake.

Another one is City palace, which is a museum with some antiques and a palace which gives a royal feelings being contructed by rulers of mewar region rulers. After taking the tickets, which costs 300 rs. for indian tourists, i headed forward where everything was arranged in a systematic manner same like a palace. Those fountains, big royal looking gates, and finally the architecture, everything have something attachment with history and the heritage.

You can know more about this city in detail - Gulab bagh udaipur

As it was the time when there is a "teez festival" which is mostly celebrated by peoples of mewar region of Rajasthan was being celebrated. In this womens have something(pots) on there head and goes to a temple. Its celebrated by devotees of god. Its a festival which only womens celebrates.

City is no doubt crowded like other cities of Rajasthan as there are tourists too. Udaipur city attracts many tourists, even some starts udaipur as its well connected with all other cities of India and easy to reach here.

Accomodation : I will recommend a hotel, Backpacker Panda, personally. As its not heavy on pocket to stay here otherwise you can find many good deals at online bookings. It costs around 250 rs a night which is fine i think with ac rooms. (Afterall its in front of the lake fs)

*accomodation is only based on personal experience, no affiliations.

There is a telescope in mid of this lake. The curves of the landscapes may attract. Visiting the same place at different timings is best for me. Specially if its a lake , then two timings are fine, like morning and evening which will give both the sides of a place.

This is all i had. If have any queries or something to share, comment below to let me know about your thoughts. 


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