Wildlife Photography

Wildlife photography is a very nice thing to do. You can see many colorful and unique species. It's not just about birds, you also feel those cranes and flamingo. It's pleasant to see those birds and animals. I visited some lake's, Zoo, and Sanctuaries for having such an experience. The places I visited are below
  • Jaipur Zoo
  • Nahargarh Eco Park
  • Gurla (Bhilwara)
  • Chawandiya (Bhilwara)
  • Maota Lake (Jaipur)
  • Indore Zoo 
  • Other wildlife area's(Unknown)

Jaipur Zoo

This is a good place for having views of wild animals and birds. There are many varieties of birds and animals in this zoo. animals like tiger, lion, elephant are attractions in this zoo. Though mammals like a snake, elegator can be seen here.
If you like birds and cranes, you can find both here in this zoo if lucky. Painted stork crane, colored birds like a cocktail, and other species are good to know about.

Places to visit in Jaipur

Nahargarh Eco-Park

This is a biological park. Here you see wild animals in cages. Mostly I saw a tiger and lion. This is a reserved area of the city. It's far from the city so it's calm to spend some time here.
On the way to this park, we saw shops of stone works and elephant on the sideways of the highway. The sculptures on the way are attractive and statue's of some well-known peoples are eye-catching.

elephant image

Gurla (Bhilwara)

Flamingo's wishing good morning

This is a town about 20 kilometers from Bhilwara. If you want to see wildlife or migrating birds like flamingo's and blackbirds, then visit this place during the winter season. Flamingo is one of the most beautiful birds which may attract anyone. Its colors are really enchanting. These keep a distance from humans especially. Keeping a proper distance is fine while having views of such species. Binoculars are very useful for such clear views.

Chawandiya Bhilwara

If you love Siberian crane's and migrating species then this lake is another place you can visit. Here I found painted stork crane. These are migrating species and comes from colder places to Asian countries like India and so on. It's about 25 kilometers from the city. This type of crane lives with other kinds of birds. As this is in a town, though not much crowded. Morning time before horizontal sunrays are the best timing to visit such birds and cranes.
Best Time to visit- Winter

Maota Lake

This is a lake in front of the amber fort in Jaipur. You can find some species of birds at this lake. As this place is surrounded by wild area so some animals like Cheetah and lions can be found in the forest area.
personal tip- Gather information about the area before your visit to a place you don't know. don't go to an unknown place without having proper guidance.

Here I also found some other birds near another lake in amber town. If we see all around then maybe there is something new we didn't expect.

Wildlife Area/Unknown Locations

Lake, wild and place far from the dense area are the hub of wildlife species. Most birds are found near the lake far from the city/town. Being safe is always good.

Personal tips:

It may be useful if you love wildlife photography-
  • Read the newspaper to know about places where you can find wildlife
  • Ask peoples around you about the places like a lake, wild area, reserved area or any sanctuary. 
  • Follow peoples who do have same interest like you 

Indore Zoo

This is one of the best place for having a good experience of wild. You can see animals like lion, tiger, parrots, white peacock and many more. You can take stunning views and pictures of such wild preserved species. This is a large zoo with many animals and birds. The care-taking and cleanliness is impressive.

A trip to Indore Zoo

Travel For Inspiration

Everyone travel to new places. Some go with a reason while others just to explore. Reasons maybe work, marriage, trip or an educational tour. It may also be some other reason.

Everyone gets an opportunity, but not all take advantage of this opportunity and they just only do their work without visiting anyplace. They think that they are super busy But the reason is, they don't want to spend the time and money they have. Many of them think that it will take a lot of money but they are somehow wrong.

By the way, I am not someone who traveled to many places, but I am the one who traveled limited places with quality time. I realized that It doesn't take much money. Solo travel is the best thing for me. As I have to ask myself, not others before making any plan.

When we travel, It gives inspiration, and a positivity. It's fun to meet new peoples and visit new places. It also shows that everyone has problems. So how can you say "You have problems", Of course, they all are struggling

When you are alone, you have to manage everything on your own. You can't ask most of the things from your friends or family. You have to face everything "all alone". It gives a self-confidence which is really helpful in whatever we do. You have to take care of yourself, your Backpack, essentials. Some of the peoples we meet are good and rest are bad so it all depends up to you. You have to make decisions about what is good or bad.

A fort, lake, palace, landscapes, temples, market and the peoples. These are the things we see in travel. The feeling you get after visiting such places is grateful. It's like a plate of Salad after your dinner. It's up to you to take this or not.

The peoples I met, told me about themselves. The life story of someone is a great way to Inspire. The problems they face and how they get out of it shows that you can also get out of all the problems you face every day. It may be a job, money, family or any other issue. But the only medicine for all such things is travel. It will give you inspiration and self-confidence which can change your life.

Hope you like this post. You can freely share your thoughts below.

The Day I Was Fined

"I was fined by a TT in railway for taking a wrong ticket"

It was a wrong turn when I picked a superfast train instead of a local. When you are in hurry, you can make such mistakes. Isn't It?

As I was late reaching the station, I move my feets fast and stood up in a long queue(Actually too long queue). The after 10 minutes, it was lunch time, so the one making tickets at the window was not there and I wasted my time standing there.

There was a ticket vending machine, at the left which I knew when peoples were gathering there. Then I took a ticket of a train from Ambala to Chandigarh, which was just about 30 kilometers and I paid 35 rupees. Then I was sitting and relaxing on the train. But, I didn't know that Today I have to Pay "Fine".

When I reached Chandigarh, a TT checked my ticket and fined my 400 Rs. just for about 30 km. I requested him, but after all, he is an employee of railways. I paid It

Personal tip-
Don't be in hurry while picking a train.
Check tickets and train before traveling
And don't ask anyone about the train, as they may misunderstand whatever you are asking them. Check Signboards and manually check train details on railway website.

An Evening At Ana Sagar Lake In Ajmer

The chirping of birds, mesmerizing sound of surroundings, those fountains in the lake and peoples taking selfies near the lake, are the things which were making the scene much better. 

This is a beautiful lake in Ajmer which is surrounded by landscapes. These are enchanting and gives relaxation. Not even just peoples, birds of other countries attract to such beautiful places. Migrating birds can be seen here in the winter season. This is a good spot to spend some time.

For bird and nature lovers, this is a nice place. This lake is an artificial lake of sweet water which was built by Arnav Raj Chauhan known as Anaji. Along with those mountains, there are some fountains inside this lake. This is the best place to visit in Ajmer city. At the entry gate of this lake, you can try some snacks.

We also visited Pushkar after this lake. This is about 3 km from Ajmer railway station.
We reached here by cab, though you can also hire an auto.


  • Migrating birds
  • Boating
  • Views of landscapes
  • Garden

Its cleanliness is fine and we all should take care of it while visiting such places.

Its crowded on holidays. The natural views are magnificent near this lake. The curves of landscapes with those greeneries are really grateful. Fishes in the lake, as well as the pelican and some other ducks, are things which gives a positivity and good vibes. I fed the fishes as this is allowed there to feed them.

This is also a good place for someone who likes to see and photograph migrating birds, like pelican, blackbirds, and some other Siberian birds and cranes.

personal tip-
Be aware of pickpocketers as this is crowded on holidays. Keep your wallets and mobile in safe side. Make sure to keep at a proper distance from the lake.

Best time to go:


Nearby destinations:


How to reach:

You can reach here by train or bus easily. Ajmer is also a railway junction so its easy to get a train from major stations.


Sights Of Nakki Lake In Mount Abu

"It green water, the landscapes, fountains, boating, and the magnificent views are not less than a paradise".

This is a lake in Mount Abu, which is the most popular hill station of Rajasthan. The landscapes all around the lake are amazing. Stunning views from the top are really awesome. It can be a perfect location for nature lovers to spend holidays with friends or family. This lake is among one of the best lakes of Rajasthan.

Boating is available but don't forget about safety and make sure to take a life-jacket. Cleanliness at this lake is impressive. Most of the tourists take care of this.

As it was morning, the views were fine, but after some time sun rays interfering the views. This lake is surrounded by beautiful peoples all around. They were taking pictures, and relaxing and trying to forget all the problems they face in their lives. This is the purpose of travel to forget all the worries. Isn't it?

No matter the place is near or far to your home, its just making you better.

Attractions :

  • Lake
  • fountains
  • Chaupati
  • Garden near lake
  • Food restaurants
  • Boating
  • Bharat Mata Temple near the lake

The heart-touching views of this lake from a rock, known as Toad rock are magnificent. You can see the natural views of this town from the top, But for getting such views, you have to cross too many steps. I am sure that it will be definitely an enjoyable moment to reach the top.

Personal tip -
Safety is really necessary while visiting such places. Mostly when it's a hill or a water body like this. Better to keep your photography enthusiasm in your pocket while visiting such places.

This area is a wild area. There are many bears in this wild area so better to know about this place by a tour guide or local personnel before visiting such places(Toad Rock).

As this is a hill station, hotel stay may be a bit expensive. So keep your wallet well. The food is very delicious and can find some unique flavors in it. Mostly Gujarati dishes(with sweetness) are available.

Know more about this place-

All about Mount Abu
A trip to Mount Abu


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