Why Indore Is So Clean | Cleanest City Of India

Cleanliness in Indore is so good and impressive. Roads are clean without any waste or garbage. No wastage is thrown on streets and sideways. It shows India is growing and changing. Thats why Indore is the cleanest city of India.

Indore City View

Most of the metro cities are facing the problem of cleanliness. However some are so clean. Increasing population, lack of awareness and corrupt system is reason of this condition. Peoples blame government and government blame peoples for their unawareness. This problem can only be solved if both peoples and government work together.

For making a city clean, proper planning is really necessary. It can not be done without planning. As a government, they can appoint employees for cleanliness and they can make some special departments for it. Awareness of cleanliness is to be initiated by government. As a citizen, peoples should be aware and make sure about cleanliness in their city and places they visit. They can also aware others by social media and other options.

A garden in city

Here in Indore, both government and peoples are working together. That't the only reason behind it's cleanliness. No doubt some exceptions are present everywhere, But most of the peoples are aware about cleanliness.

Indore is ranked on top position in Cleanliness second time. Some politicians also worked for this cleanliness by "cleanliness projects". This is known as "Swacch Bharat Abhiyan". No other government worked before for cleanliness. There are many peoples who worked for this cleanliness. I am thankful to everyone who worked for it.

Even the walls in sideways of road have beautiful paintings and slogans of cleanliness. It's part of awareness by authorities which is praiseworthy. Proper collection of garbage is also done everyday in which separate wet and dry wastage is collected by these department. Recycle process is also necessary after it's collection. Trash and garbage bins are placed everywhere in the city. Public utilities are also placed at certain distances.

Night view of Indore from a hill
Other than Indore, Chandigarh is also a clean city of India. This is also well planned and beautiful city of India. Link-  Indore is a city which was established with proper planning. Roads are wide and, market is well arranged and peoples are so nice. There are many places to visit in this city. 

A temple in Indore- Annapurna temple
What do you think about this cleanliness of Indore? How can we improve and aware peoples about cleanliness? You can share anything freely. thanks

Why Rajasthan Is Best For Solo Travel

Rajasthan is a land of warriors and Braveheart peoples. Here you see many colours like heritage, culture, natural beauty, landscapes, and those pleasant lake's. All such things attract tourists from all around the world. There are many things to do here in rajasthan. This is one of the diverse place of India. The atmosphere changes in different parts of this state.

Reasons Why Rajasthan Is Best For Solo Travel

  • Friendly peoples
  • A lot of tourist places
  • Safety is good
  • Free wi-fi
  • Affordable accommodation
  • Easy transportation
  • Delicious food

Friendly Peoples

Peoples in Rajasthan are friendly and helping. You can talk to them and ask freely if in need. Most of the peoples know English so asking them in English is not a problem as the Indian education system have the importance of English. 

A lot Of Tourist Places  

Rajasthan is a combination of many things like culture, heritage, food, lakes and all natural places. It's a complete package for solo travel. 

Safety Is Good

No place is as safe but as compared to most other places, It's safe. Though accidents may happen anywhere But by keeping in mind some safety tips, it's a good place even for solo travelers. 

Free Wi-Fi

In hotels or hostels, free wifi is available. As it's convenient to stay connected with friends during our journey. It may be great to get free wifi. 

Affordable Accommodation

The cost of a hotel or hostel stays is really affordable. Even for solo birds, it's good except hill station like Mount Abu. Stay cost is affordable for most of the places in Rajasthan. 

Easy Transportation

It's easy to go from one city to another by any mode of transportation. Most of the cities are well connected by road and rail. You can pick up a train, bus or plane according to suitability. 

Delicious Food

Food has many flavours in Rajasthan. Indeed it's tasty and spicy as well as sweets are also very nice to try. Many dishes are available in hotels and restaurants including spicy and unique flavours. 

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Best Places For Solo Travel In Rajasthan

Rajasthan is a very nice and beautiful place to visit for everyone. It's heritage and culture is attractive.The combination of heritage, natural views, a rich culture and royal feelings is known as "Rajasthan". Like those ancient monuments, forts, and palaces along with those lake's and natural views of Aravali landscapes are amazing. The places which are the best all around rajasthan are below
  • Jodhpur
  • Jaipur
  • Udaipur
  • Jaisalmer
  • Pushkar
  • Bharatpur
  • Chittaurgarh 


This is a city in western Rajasthan, also known as Blue city and Sun city. As muost of the houses are painted in blue colour(in old city), and Sun is on horizon, so it's a hot place. This city gives you delicious flavours of food, heritage, history and a colorful traditional culture. Food is spicy and delicious. This is one of the most affordable city of Rajasthan.

Know more- Colors of Jodhpur


The city is also known as Pink city As this city is painted in "Geruva" color(colour of brick), this is also known as pink city. It is one of the most crowded and metro city of Rajasthan. The fort and lake attract many eyes. It's a pleasant place. It's changing and modifying everyday. This city is good as there are many places to visit like fort, palace, museum, and wildlife at zoo and biological park.
This city is a bit expensive though affordable for budget tourists.

Know more- Things to do in Jaipur


An awesome city in southern region of Rajasthan. This city is surrouned by magnificent landscapes and beautiful lake, that's the reason it's also known as Lake city. Here you also see those palace's ad historical monuments. This is a good choice for solo travel as the peoples are helping and it's affordable for budget tourists.

 Click Me- Udaipur City


The holy town in Rajasthan is known as pushkar. There is a lake in this town and temples at ghats(edge of the river). The temples and ghats makes an spiritual atmosphere. Though deserts and holi festival gives a lot of adventurous experience here in pushkar.

LINK- Pushkar Itinerary


The 'Thar' desert experience is amazing in Jaisalmer. The camel ride and a night at desert is awesome to spend in open sky. It's one of the best place in Rajasthan for solo travellers. You can join a group as there are lot of peoples or even spend time alone. The fort and desert attract tourists.


Bharatpur is in eastern region of Rajasthan. This is a beatiful place for nature lovers. You see here many species of wildlife, specially Migrating birds and cranes. This is a place of migrating birds. A sanctuary known as "Ghana Pakshi Abhayaranya" (Ghana wildlife sanctuary) is very popular for wildlife lovers. You can experience those colorful species and birds surrounded by greeneries.This place is also good for those who are enthusiastic about wildlife photography.


This is a land of great warriors who were brave and shows pridefulness. As this was ruled by most of the popular rulers of Rajasthan so this place has an importance from historical point of view. The fort and palaces are attractive. The palace's, pillars and beatiful temples in this city are elegant. This is also a good place for solo birds and also a affordable to stay.

Mount Abu

This is a hillstation in southern Rajasthan. It's beautiful landscapes and cold weather attract many nature lovers and couples. There are many peaks which are highest peak of this state including gurushikhar and achalgarh. It may be an adventurous place to visit even for solo travellers but safety is must as a solo traveller, as most of the tourist places are located on peaks, and as a solo person you have to make sure about safety. The temples, wind and surrounding nature is no doubt elegant to feel. 

You can know more - Mount Abu sightseeing

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Tips To Save Money In Travel

Most of us think that they need pretty much money for travel. But the reality is that you need time instead of money. "Time is Money". I am going to share tips which may be useful while visiting new places.

#1 Make A Plan And Schedule

If you know the time you have to spend, you can estimate the money you have to spend every day. Daily cost should not extend your budget.

#2 Choose A Less Costly And Safe Mode Of Transportation

As you have to spend lesser money, the mode of your transportation should be reliable and money saving. It maybe trains, bus or plane, But if you really want to save money then
Train > Bus > Plane
I repeat, "Time = Money"

#3 Crosscheck Cost Of Hotel Booking On Different Websites

Cost of stay is mostly a burden sometimes when we want to save money. Its cost is high as we expect. But to reduce it, check the price of the same hotel at least 2-3 website/apps. It gives the idea of actual cost. But if it's a popular destination or a hill station, get ready to make your wallet light.

#4 Choose Destination Wisely

If you don't have a tight budget, don't choose a location which is costly. Make sure to check the cost of a hotel, transportation, and accommodation.

#5 Travel With Friends Or Family

Solo travel is costly. If you want to reduce the cost, ask your friends or family members to join. It will reduce the cost to stay. Though other expenses will be the same as solo travel. No doubt you can save some money for your next trip.

#6 Know About City Before Trip

If you know the local transport options before travel, you can save money. If you use a cab or personal taxi, it costs much. But if a city bus or a sharing auto, then money saving become easy. You can use this money for the next trip.

#7 Food At Hotels Is Costly

Most of the time, as we are new to a city, we take our food from the hotel we stay as it's convenient but it's costly than a local Restaurant. Local restaurants also give delicious food at comparatively low prices.

#8 Choose A Sharing Room Instead Of Single Room

Sharing or dormitory rooms are not as costly as a single room. Though it's not as easy and comfortable, you have to adjust if want to save money. From my personal experiences, I didn't face any problems. You can meet new peoples when you book a sharing room. It will save enough money to spend one more day or use it next time.

Hope these tips are useful. If have any doubts, you are free to ask or share anything. your feedback will be appreciated.

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A Visit to Pichola Lake In Udaipur

Udaipur is known as lake city. The lakes are the things which give good vibes and gives a positivity if we spend some time there.

A few days ago I visited this lake which is no doubt a really beautiful and an awesome place.

"The blowing wind, Stunning Landscapes, Blue water in the lake, The crowd, A palace in the lake, and Those greeneries all around makes this lake a grateful place.

The wind was blowing and giving me pleasure. I think not everyone can feel it, but every time I go such places, I definitely feel it. After few footsteps, I saw a binocular to see the palace in the lake, which is known as Jagmandir and Jagniwas Mahal Palace.

Attractions :

  • Palace
  • Reflections of Palace
  • Landscapes all around the lake
  • Boating
  • Chaupati
  • Migrating Birds near the lake

The reflections of the palace can be seen in the lake. This palace is now a royal hotel which is so expensive for budget travelers. The ups and downs of landscapes make it a magnificent view. Aravali mountain range is so bright in this city. Some patterns look like an illusion, but its real by the way.

The crowd all around the lake is enchanting and makes the surroundings inspiring. It's a perfect place to relax with friends or family. No doubt it is also a good place for solo travelers like me who loves to travel alone.

Boating is also available which can be an amazing experience. For having such experience you have to take tickets and make sure about safety. As I was alone, I first saw a lake which was a small one, known as "Dudhtalai"(In English- A lake of Milk). This is also a nice lake. I also tried "pani-puri" at a chaupati near this lake, then moved to see Lake Pichola.

    I spent some time sitting and relaxing on the bays of this lake. The wind was blowing and the sound of the crowd all around was encouraging me. I saw a palace in between lake, which is no doubt amazing. Then, after all, I bought an ice cream and came back to the station to pick my train.

History :

This lake was built in 13th century by a banjara (Man belongs to a tribe), during reign of Maharana Lakha. Later on, Maharana Udai singh expanded this lake and built a dam on this lake. Palace and temples were built at this lake. Jagmandir palace and jagniwas mahal were built. A Mughal emperor visited this lake and was impressed by this lake and he got an inspiration to make "Taj Mahal" by views of reflection of palace in this lake.

Best time to visit :

Evening and morning are the best time to visit this lake. The reflections of palace in the lake can be seen anytime.

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