Visiting Mahakaleshwar Temple In Ujjain

Ujjain is famous for Mahakal temple. This is among Jyotirlinga of lord shiva. Ujjain is located in Madhya Pradesh. It's about 50 kilometers from Indore which is a major city of this state. Mahakal is a temple situated on side of Rudra Sagar lake. This is among twelve Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva. Ujjain is known for mahakaleshwar temple.

After riding the bike for an hour we reached Ujjain. Though the highway is fine it was tiring. Using maps we reached mahakal temple. As it was a Tuesday, the crowd was not much. Then we headed to the temple.

Singhhasth Kumbh was also organized here. This is a popular place for those who believe in lord Shiva. I am impressed by the proper arrangements in this temple. The path is arranged in a way that crowd can be maintained even in high rush time. Many peoples come here to pray god on occasion of Mahashivratri.

The shivling covered with a glass box is Jyotirlinga. Devotees can give milk and Prasad(food offered to god). There is a separate place where milk can be poured to that shivling. As this is not allowed to go inside the chamber of a jyotirlinga, you can only see it from a distance. Then after waiting for a few minutes, we pray to god and move on. This temple is very well organized and maintained by authorities.

Tilak with Om looks very good. I like it. This mahakal temple is also famous for "Bhang" which you can get near to this temple. It's intoxicated to try this. We took half-doze in two glasses. This is allowed in Hindu religion but in a controlled manner. It is considered as Prasad of lord shiv But I don't suggest as it affects the body after an hour. Make sure about your safety if thinking to try this.
Tip- Take this on your own risk. Bhang is actually made of herbs which is intoxicated.

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This is a very good place. Mahakal means lord shiv who is the king of this universe. This is a common saying that No king stayed a night in Ujjain because Lord shiv (Mahakal) is the only King. In case, if he stays the night here then he can't wake-up next morning. All Jyotirlinga has a specific name. This one is called as Mahakaleshwar. There is also another temple here which is Nagchandreshwar temple which only opens on the day of Nagpanchmi.

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Places To Visit In Indore

Indore is a very nice place to visit. It's cleanliness, food, parks, and heritage attract many peoples. Apart from historical places, food and adventure can be good options to experience in Indore. Water parks are also very attractive for youngsters who don't have much intrest in history. I am going to share best places to visit in Indore.


This is a museum located in city center of Indore. paintings, palaquins, monuments are attractive in this museum known as Rajwada which was royal palace of former rulers of holkar dynasty. This is a good place to visit in Indore. It shows historical impacts of Indore. Mostly paintings of holkar dynasty and antiques can be seen in this museum. This is a perfect place to know about history of Indore and neighbouring places.

Entry fee of rajwada- 10 rs. + 10 rs for parking
Time to visit rajwada- 10am to 5pm 

Lal Bagh Palace

Lal bagh palace is a magnificent palace and museum which shows history and culture. It's architecture and design is impressive. Statues of tiger with real skin and the paintings on ceilings are amazing in this palace. This palace was built by holkar ruler. This palace shows the royality of that time. Paintings on ceilings, tiger statues, statues of british rulers in garden and that huge entry gate shows a very rich heritage and history. 
Lal bagh palace timing- 10am to 5pm (monday closed)
Entry Ticket- 30 rs.

Annapurna Temple

This is the temple of annapurna mata. It's built with stone's and carvings. Ved temple and kashi shivling temple are inside this temple. As it's located in city, it's easy to reach here. It's constructed in a way that it fascinate the one who see it.

Tip- Heavy traffic in evening and night so better to visit in morning or afternoon. 

Kamla Nehru Prani Sangrahalaya (Indore Zoo) 

This is another place in Indore which is near to the city. If you like wild animals and birds then this is a nice place to visit. There are many kind of animals in the zoo like lion, tiger, black bucks and many more. Birds of many species like cranes, colorful birds and white peacocks are really attractive in this zoo.As this is a large zoo so it will take time to visit this zoo. It may be around 2-3 hours to visit this place.
See also - Visit to Indore Zoo

time to visit indore zoo-  9 am to 6 pm
ticket- 30 rs per person

Tafreeh Agropark

This is a very nice place to spend time with friends or family. It's an agropark where you can enjoy many activities. It's best place for picnic or fun. We spend a day here which was very enjoyable. boating, and some other activities can be experienced here in this park. It's made in a way that it attract many eyes.

Entry fee- 160 rs. + Extra activies(maximum-100rs.)

Bada Ganpati Temple

This is a ganesh temple which is famous for largest idol of lord ganesh. This is a good place to visit for spiritual one's. Every year, on Ganesh chaturthi, many devotees comes here and celebrate this festival.
(No pictures allowed)
Tip- Traffic near this temple is very much specially in night so better to drive safe. 

Saraffa Bazaar

This is a market in Indore for jewellery But this is popular for street food. Indore is the only city having night market in India. Especially trying street food in night is amazing. You can try many dishes here which is comparatively available at low prices with other places. We also tried delicious food here in this night market.

Crescent Water Park

Who don't like fun? I think everyone love it. Water park is an amazing place to visit with friends, family or even alone. This is one of the best water parks of Indore with high slides. There are many things to do in this park like seven wonders of world(dummy). Taking pictures with all those things and enjoying at this park is really memorable for anyone. 
entry charges- 400 rs. per person
Kids- No charge if height below 3 feet.

Shower dance, adventurous high slides, and those seven wonders(dummy) are attractions of this water park.

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