Must visit Places in Udaipur

Udaipur is also known as the city of lakes and Venice of Rajasthan. It too beautiful place and its a great place for tourists and locals as there are many places which are interesting and it's very nice to visit these places.

Udaipur has many places to visit but here is a list of the most popular and best places with details to visit in this city.
  1. City Palace Udaipur
  2. Fateh Sagar Lake 
  3. Pichola Lake
  4. Gulab Bagh
  5. Sajjangarh
  6. Eklingji Temple

City Palace Udaipur

This is a palace which was built at the time of Maharana Udai Singh of Mewar region. It's a well-built palace which was a royal palace of all the rulers after it was made. It has importance with respect to its architectural and design.

When you enter into this palace there are many things like fountains, large entry gates with wooden gates and gardens outside of this palace. When it comes to antiques in this palace, there are many of the archaeological things which shows a rich history and heritage of Rajasthan. Paintings of historical rulers who ruled this region(Mewar) and sculptures of unique designs are things of attraction.

Fateh Sagar Lake

This is one of the largest lakes of Udaipur city. It also supplies water to localities of Udaipur. This lake is indeed beautiful and gives a natural lake. There are some fountains and boatings in this lake which make you feel enjoyable by visiting this.

If you want to experience boating then buy tickets otherwise there is no ticket to visit this. Its one of the favorite tourist spot of tourists as everyone knows about its magnificent looks.
I stayed near this lake so that I can visit this anytime, and I did. I visited this in the evening, morning and afternoon and realized that it has different views as we change the time to visit but the best time is in the morning in my opinion.
Views of Fateh Sagar Lake

Pichola Lake

This is another lake which may be a nice to have a look at. It was made by a person who belonged to a tribe. This lake is in the back side of Udaipur city palace and it's easy to reach here.

Other than city palace, another palace like JagMandir and JagNiwas Mahal magnifies the natural views of this lake.  The water image of this palaces can be seen in this lake, which may be inspiring. A Mughal ruler, Shahjahan visited this place and he was inspired by this lake and built Taj Mahal.

If a Ruler can be inspired by this lake then why can't you? You can spend some time sitting side of this lake and just look into this lake and feel it.

Visiting Pichola Lake

Gulab Bagh

Gulab Bagh is a garden which is a very large place with a lot of greeneries and natural atmosphere. This is a nice place for those who want to spend some time near to nature. This is near to a lake in Udaipur which is known as Pichola lake.

Read this for more details- Gulab Bagh Udaipur

There is also a library and toy train which also attract kids. On holidays, localities come here to play games like cricket and some other activities. This is known as Gulab bagh because of "Rose Garden" in this park. You can see the red colored beautiful roses here. This garden is surrounded by landscapes and some greeneries all around. 

Sajjan Garh

This is for those who love adventures. This place may be another Best place to visit in Udaipur. This is on a hill from where you can see some beautiful views of the city. There is a wildlife sanctuary near this hill to experience the wildlife including lions and some species of birds.

Eklingji Temple

This is a temple of the lord "Shiva". This temple had an important role in history as it was being built and worshipped by the most Mewar rulers. Its a "shivling" of Lord Shiva. Many devotees come here and worship here Lord Shiva.

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Tips To Know Before Visiting Rajasthan

Rajasthan is a warm place. Most of the time its temperature is comparatively higher than the other places of Rajasthan. Climate and atmosphere changes in different parts of this state. Like in cities like Jaipur and Jodhpur, it's too warm but in southern Rajasthan, it's a bit humid and cold atmosphere. It's a diverse part of India. This is very necessary to know about the useful tips before visiting this Rajasthan.

 #1 Make A Plan

It's very important to know what kind of places you want to visit here in Rajasthan. If you want to know about history then visit forts and palaces, but if you want to spend some time in calm and relaxation then visit some other places like lakes, zoo or wildlife parks and general parks.

Best Places for solo travel in Rajasthan

 #2 Be Prepared For Summer Even If It's Not 

As compared to most of the states of India, this is a hot place with a temperature of about 30-35 degree Celsius throughout the year. Even in winters, it's temperature is so high in the afternoon. If you belong to places like northern, north-east India or abroad then be prepared for this extra warm atmosphere. It may cause irritation, itching or allergy so better to stay away from these. 

Personal tips- 
  • Keep water bottle and energy drinks while visiting 
  • Always carry napkin or towel with you 
  • Book taxi or cab in advance if possible 
  • Know about the location before the visit (distance, how to reach, timings)

 #3 Time To Spend

The time you want to spend literally depends on the money you have. If you have a good budget then you can spend 10-12 days in different places of Rajasthan but if your budget is low then you can spend about 5-6 days in most popular places in Rajasthan.

 Tips to save money in travel

#4 Limit your luggage

Keep luggage in your backpack as low as possible, Better to pack only useful items. Don't make it hassle by keeping unnecessary items.

#5 Local Guidance

Take guidance from someone who knows well about the places you are planning to visit. you can hire a guide or even search on some blogs and books which provides useful information related to places and all the guidance.

Note- Do not use any of the content including photos or text without permission from any of the pages of the blog. Take permissions before using anything.

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Visiting Tafreeh Park In Indore

This is an agropark which is built in an old way. It's best place for fun and adventure in Indore. Activities like climbing on a rope, monkey ride and some other amusements. These physical activities make it an adventurous place. Even kids also like spending time here in this park, as there are many activities for all age groups. 

A view from tree house

As it was noon, weather was sunny. We took tickets which cost 160 rs. per person and extra charge of about 100 rs. including other activities like boating, and some other activities. This charge is not much for such enjoyable activities. After entrance we took dinner, as there is an special arrangement for dinner. 

After taking dinner we headed to experience some activities. There are tree houses which is amazing. Climbing and coming down from those tree house is so exciting. This is a place where you feel that you are very close to the nature. It makes an charming atmosphere as there is a open space and farm here which we can't see in crowded cities. It's about 7-8 kilometres from the city.

There were many trees and some beautiful flowers also. I felt relaxed here. Spending a day here in this park is really great. 

Personal Tips
Along with all the activities, fun and enjoy, It's very important to be careful. Make sure to not being over-excited to avoid any injury. I know better as I was injured while climbing rope. 

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Attractions of tafreeh park

  • Boating
  • DJ party
  • Adventurous activity
  • Farm
  • Tree house
  • Shower party
Boating at a lake in this park is pleasant. Ducks and all atmosphere around it made a beautiful scene when I was in boat. Although I liked many other things here so it's a bit difficult to choose one or two activity. It will take about 6-7 hour to enjoy freely here in this park.

Things to know before visit

  • Tafreeh park- an agropark
  • Location- 8 km from Indore
  • Ticket- 160 rs. + 100 rs(for extra activities)
  • Time taken to visit- 6-7 hours
  • Timings - From 10am to  6pm

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Rajwada In Indore

Rajwada is a royal palace in Indore. It shows the living standard of rulers of Indore. This place was ruled by Holkar rulers then this region was occupied by Britishers. As the name "Rajwada" means "a palace of royal rulers",  this was a palace of rulers. Now it's a museum with all those memories of rulers and shows their historical presence.

After riding the bike for about half an hour through a crowded market, I reached Rajwada. I took a ticket which was about 10 rs. I headed in. A garden in front surrounded by the pillar and some paintings. In the left side, there is a temple which is a very old temple known as malhar temple.

Now it comes time to go upstairs. A museum with antiques, and paintings in front of me. I can see some statues, paintings, and other unique antiques. Statue of Natraj and some former rulers are attractive here. These are enclosed in glass to provide protection.

Rajwada was built by Marathas of Holkar rulers. This is a seven-storey building in the middle of the city. this was a 200-year-old palace built about 1747 AD, but was burnt during the 1984 riots. It was then rebuilt and designed by H.H. Usha Raje Holkar based on old design and structure.

There are palaquins and also some vintage antiques like shields, armor and many more. All of these things are unique here. Except for all these, rifles and some other weapons are no doubt interesting. The good thing is that the camera is allowed here. It took about 20 minutes to see all of this here.

This place is near to the city center. It takes about half an hour to visit this. Visiting this palace in the morning or evening is fine. This is one of the best places to visit in Indore as it shows rich history and heritage. Although there are many things to do in Indore like parks and markets.

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There is also a market which is very crowded near this place, But as it was late evening, so maybe next time we will visit this market.

Things to know before visit

  • Rajwada timings- 9 am to 5 pm (Monday closed)
  • Rajwada opens- all days except Monday
  • Rajwada ticket price- 10 rs.
  • location- Rajwada cloth market, Indore

How to reach Rajwada

  • Hire a taxi, cab
  • Hire auto
  • City bus

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