6 Things to Know Before Visiting Jaipur

Jaipur is the pink city of India. It is one of the best tourist places to visit in India. Indeed it's an amazing destination to visit but there are some other things of Jaipur which you should know.

  • Over-Population: 

Jaipur is among the most crowded cities. This is the capital of Rajasthan, so people from different places come here for work or studies. As it's among metro cities, Jaipur is facing over-population.

Traveling in the city bus and metro in Jaipur is not easy. Public transport is overcrowded including the city bus and metro train. There are no rules in such over-crowded transport modes.

personal tips:

  • Book a cab or auto 
  • Wear a mask (if possible)
  • Know about the location before your visit 

  • Cleanliness:

       Cleanliness in Jaipur is not good. Though it's the capital of Rajasthan, cleanliness is not good. For sure, there are some places which have good cleanliness but as the capital of the state, it's not as it should be. Over-filled garbage bins and uncleaned roads are common here in Jaipur.

Although peoples are getting aware of cleanliness, it's taking time to change the mentality of peoples. Most of the public is not aware of this. Even now, the condition of cleanliness is not good in Jaipur.

Personal tips:

  • Don't throw waste on streets
  • Try to aware peoples about cleanliness

  • Traffic:

       As with the increasing population, traffic is also getting a steep rise. Almost everyone has personal vehicles,  which causes traffic. This is one of the problems which Jaipurites are facing every day.


  • Wear a helmet while riding a bike
  • Follow the rules

  • Communicable diseases:

Jaipur is a city where most tourists come.  Sometimes they bring communicable diseases. The most common is "Swine flu". This is a fatal disease and is similar to common flu so it's diagnosis is not easy. This a viral infection so, better to stay away from it.


  • Wear a mask in crowded areas
  • Don't eat any street food
  • Regularly visit for health check-ups

  • Beggars:

Those who don't want to work comes to public places and beg for money. Some peoples give them money. This is how they become habitual beggars, even if they can find some other work. 

Maybe there are some peoples who actually need help but, most of them are lazy. It makes a poor image of the city in front of tourists.

  • Don't give them money
  • Give them food/clothes/ something useful

  • Prostitution:

Last but not least, prostitution in Jaipur. Most of the prostitutes do this forcefully. As most of them don't use safety precautions, it's harmful to society. It causes diseases like STD's, HIV and some other untreatable fatal diseases.
  • Stay away from such things 
  • Be safe
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Visiting Subhash Garden In Ajmer | Park At Ajmer In Rajasthan

Subhash garden is one of the popular parks in Ajmer. This is near to the Ana Sagar lake. It's named on a famous independence movement leader, Subhash Chandra Bose. Glad to see that at least some places are not named after politicians.

statues at garden

After taking the ticket, I headed inside this garden. Then you see a statue of Subhash Chandra Bose. It's a green and very calm place. There were some date trees, green water near fountains, gym and amusement activity for kids. These are the things which can be good experiences in this park.

It was an afternoon. The sun was bright and it was so hot day. People were relaxing under the tree. I just continued to walk. I saw a temple of Lord Shiva, which is constructed like a shivling. Then you see that guards moving there to ensure the safety of the garden and other caretakers moving around.

After all of this, I found something attractive. This is a statue of a lady with a pot on her head. It was really an appealing view. after some footsteps, I saw a fountain which has green colored water. I spent some time here and then move on.

Subhash garden

On the way, I was looking for some shade as it was so hot day and I was too tired. Then I found a bench which was under a tree. I relaxed here for some time. A girl was sitting next to me. When I talked to her, she told me that she was doing preparation for getting a government job. She also told that only a few get selection in such exams. Don't know why every Indian need a government job. It's nice to talk to strangers by the way.

Then you see a gym along with some amusement activities for kids. Most of the peoples come here in Ajmer to visit 'Dargah' or 'Pushkar'. Last time I visited Ana Sagar lake in this city, which is the lifeline of Ajmer.

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After all, it's a good place to visit and spend time as there are many tree and greeneries all around. Along with this those statues and kids amusement is attractive.

Attractions of Subhash garden in Ajmer

  • Fountain
  • Kids amusement activities
  • Shiv temple
  • Statues

Things to know before visiting Subhash Garden Ajmer

Timings- 9 am to 6 pm
Ticket- 6 rs. 
Best time to visit- evening
Location- Near Ana Sagar lake, Daulat Bagh, Ajmer

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A Visit To Nehru Garden In Jaipur Rajasthan

Nehru garden is located in Jaipur. This is one of the largest parks of Jaipur. The greeneries and gym in this garden make it attractive. Such atmosphere gives calm and peace. Those ducks, colorful fountains, and toy train at this garden is pleasing. 

I wake up and get ready to visit this garden. I was about 6 AM. After a few footsteps, I reached here. It has two entry gates. A jogging track and also a sand track for runners. It's one round is about 800 meters. There is a gym with equipment for different kind of exercises. It's crowded a bit on holidays and Sundays. As it's in the middle of the city, so not all the visitors are here for morning walks or evening walks, some also come here to study or picnic. No doubt it's a good place to read a book.

After some physical exercise's like stretching and warm-ups, I tried yoga. Yoga gives internal peace. In early mornings, yoga some groups organize yoga and meditation classes here in this garden. It's better to learn it before doing yoga. I learned it on TV and online videos. After that, I headed to the gym which is a public gym free of cost. It's a good approach by the government to provide such public health-related gym's. I tried some exercises for about 20 minutes.

When I was doing yoga, two persons sitting next to me were discussing some stories. Those stories were distracting me to concentrate on yoga, as those stories were interesting. Then I asked them what they were doing. Then one of them replied that they are theater artists preparing for a play, and told me about the location of their theater. Then I move on.

Many couples come here, almost every time from morning to evening. It's good to visit in mornings and evenings too. In the morning, meditation and yoga can be good things to do, while in evenings, fountains and street food outside of this park. There is a pond in this garden where you can see the ducks and some other birds too. This is an artificial pond. Fishes can be seen here as the water is being filtered every day. Kids enjoy near this pond, as there are some cages with some white and grey colored ducks. 

There are more than 100 species of birds to be found at this park, But I don't remember the name of birds to be found here. Along with the wide species of birds, there are many kinds of plants and trees with unique and beautiful flowers.

If you want to spend some time in calm and peace even in a metro city then a garden is the best place. I also appreciate the authorities who made it a better place. Peoples should also take care of the cleanliness every time they visit such places.

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At the exit of this park, there is a juice center, which provides juice of vegetables and some fruit juice which is definitely healthy to have in mornings.

Things to know about Nehru garden Jaipur

Location- Near Tonk Phatak and Lal kothi
Timings- Morning: 5am -10am
                Evening: 4pm -10 pm


  • Kids toy train
  • Colorful fountain in the evening
  • Boating
  • Ducks at pond
  • Wide variety of bird species and trees

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